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A Sonic Activation is an immersive experience that integrates gentle movement, breathwork, guided visualization and meditation within an evolving soundscape of live cello, ambient layers, vocals, and sounds of the natural world.

The activation will take you into deeper reflection and ecological communion, inviting you into vivid landscapes of mind and nature, into contact with your own inner voice and dreams, and into a space of new possibilities. 

Contact for booking inquiries.

Dark Ocean
Sonic Activation Sample Shaun & Sara
00:00 / 01:40

Although Sonic Activations typically run for 60-120 minutes, we've made a shorter session for you.
We welcome you to download this 8-minute meditation, a channeled grounding meditative experience to connect more deeply with yourself in any moment of your day. 

Lotus in Bloom

Our Intentions

  • Create a reflective space for all through community, sound, and mindfulness

  • Activate and expand your imagination and creativity 

  • Support you in receiving insights as to your current moment in life, purpose, decisions

  • Strengthen leadership qualities so often amiss - deep listening, emotional intelligence, reflection, sensitivity to the natural world

  • Exit surface-level patterns of thought and emotion to unveil what's unfolding deeper down

  • Gently support emotional and physical processing and healing

  • Support inner clarification of values and needed changes

  • Inspire new ideas, connections, and understandings

The Artists

Sara Kaiser (aka Nectar Moth) is a singer, poet, and aerial artist. She has over 10 years of experience leading guided meditation, breathwork, creative movement, and body awareness practices. 

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Shaun Diaz is a composer and cellist with a BA in Cello Performance From University of Colorado Boulder and more than 30 years of dedicated experience. His expertise, artistry, and deep intuition weave together to create heart-opening and deeply moving music. As an audio engineer, Shaun brings you a supremely high quality listening experience - the "ultraviolet" of sound, so to speak. 

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